PHOTOS: Musikfest 2018, Day 8 (We’re Everywhere)

We came out swinging for the second Friday of Musikfest 2018, working hard to cover as much of the ‘Fest as possible, on both sides of the Lehigh.

You can’t blame us, with so much to choose from all over Bethlehem. Our Friday night featured jazz, pop, blues, soul, American standards Celtic rock, and even a splash of reggae, giving our ears plenty to take in throughout the course of the evening.

So, Gerard and Lisa tag teamed on the coverage again, and we think you’ll like what you see below. Check out the shots!

Ginger Coyle (Southampton, NJ)

The Ultra Kings (Lehigh Valley, PA)

The Slicked Up 9’s (Lehigh Valley, PA)

Major League Circus Show

Nik Greeley & the Operators (Philadelphia, PA)

Cubbage (Lehigh Valley, PA)

The Swing Time Dolls (Lehigh Valley, PA)

The Sofa Kings (Lehigh Valley, PA)

The New Respects (Nashville, TN)

James Supra Band (Lehigh Valley, PA)


Bastard Bearded Irishmen (Pittsburgh, PA)


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