Musikfest Bonus Tracks: Stones, Bruce, and More from Wilson

We have a few more parting shots of Musikfest 2018 from LVU Contributor Wilson Anacleto!

You’ve seen Wilson’s work all week, popping up with views from throughout the nation’s largest free outdoor music festival. We bring you the final batch of shots from the ‘Fest.

These photos are some of Wilson’s best work, featuring tribute bands Classic Stones (a.k.a. The Glimmer Twins) and The BRUCE Show, as well as R&B group Center City Orchestra, and Eagles tribute The Desert Highway Band. Check ’em out!

The BRUCE Show (Air Products Townsquare)

Center City Orchestra (Festplatz)

Classic Stones (a.k.a. The Glimmer Twins) (Festplatz)

The Desert Highway Band (Festplatz)

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