Ralph’s Reviews: Timoteo – The Weight of the World

Timoteo (Tim Gehring) is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Allentown area. His latest, “The Weight of the World,” was released on June 25, an is the most recent of several self-produced, self-recorded efforts from the one-man band, who records all of the instruments and vocals on the four-song EP.

“The Weight of the World” has a garage band, grunge rock sort of feel to it, with a satirical twist on the subject matter. The title track pokes fun at bearing the “heavy” burden of everyday life. Even the title to the third track — “I Wear My Heart on My Sleeve (So I’m Putting on a Short-sleeved Shirt)” — hints at a comical look at someone who outwardly displays their emotions. Meanwhile, “This is a Match (Music is My Fire)” delivers a message we should all hear, no matter what we do in life: “The fire burns inside me, don’t let the passion ever die.”

You can find “The Weight of the World” below. It’s also right there alongside Timoteo’s earlier releases at timoteo.bandcamp.com and follow him on Facebook.


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