Put Something (or Someone) on LVU’s Radar

With the summer now over, and with our event schedule a bit lighter, it’s a good time to see what — or better yet, who — has been flying under our radar in recent months.

Naturally, we had the chance to uncover plenty of talent in our travels this summer. In fact, a duo we literally found under a bridge during Musikfest just played #LVUFirstFriday this past weekend. Still, we can’t be everywhere at once — especially not with so many #LVUMagicSummer happenings taking place all season long.

So, let us know what we missed while we were soaking up the sun and snapping up the photos. What releases should we check out? What events are coming up? Who should we make it out to see live this fall and winter?

Post your links in the comments. Aaaaaaaand… GO!

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