Ralph’s Reviews: Zeke Sky Band – Animals of God and War

If you like listening to lead guitarists do what they do best, then you’ll enjoy “Animals of God and War,” the debut album from the Zeke Sky Band.

There is a definite prog-metal theme to this album, dominated by some great guitar work throughout. The opening track, “Haggardous Scabbardous,” is an immediate introduction to the skills of lead guitarist Zeke Sky. Like many of the tracks on the album, this is an instrumental piece.

The album switches gears — unexpectedly, but in a good way — about midway through with “Reprise the Fire Witch,” a soft, acoustic, finger-style tune and “Animals,” a soft rock ballad. Both tunes, again, are instrumentals. “Of God and War” starts and finishes strong but features a strategically placed piano solo, while the closing track, “In the Land of Wind and Snow,” is highlighted by the soft harmonies, as the band shows that they are much more than just guitars. It is clearly evident, however, that Zeke Sky is not just your average lead guitarist. He is much, much better than that.

Overall, this is a strong debut and deserves a really good listen — or two, or three. You can find their album on most internet sites or stream it below. To learn more about the band, visit zekeskyband.com or check them out on Facebook.

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