Shout ‘Em Out: Who’s Your Favorite Producer?

As The Balcony Show’s Ann Thatcher once opined here on LVU, the price of bad production is far more costly than that of good production.

You could be the greatest songwriter in the world, with a golden voice and the technical ability of a true virtuoso. However, that skill needs to come across on your recorded material, in an advanced modern technological age. Indeed, production could make all the difference between your hard work standing out for the right reasons or the wrong ones.

We all know some true wizards behind the board, whether locally, regionally, or beyond. Today, we want to give you the chance to Shout ‘Em Out and show love to the producers making indie artists like you sound great.

Head down to the comments and drop a name or two. Aaaaaaand… GO!



  • Jason Reif of Freestone media and Ron Zabrocki from N.Y.
    Two outstanding producers!

  • Actually, there are many who deserve “favorite” recognition. I would say that personal preferences aside, it is so dependent on things like technical expertise (they actually know what they’re doing), quality of production (so dependent on expectation and personal satisfaction with their final product), and chemistry (my personal most critical element after the first two are met). Chemistry is so personal for each artist it will be different for everyone and shouldn’t be construed as another producer not being good. Having said all that there are plenty of great local producers, others regionally, and some great national ones that aren’t so far away. If you’re local, listen to and check out the credits and/or reviews on people’s CD/EP’s to create your own list to choose from. My absolute favorite among the many is….

  • Bob Giovannetti at Crystal Pig Studio did a terrific job for my band TimeWhy?s. Our CD was nominated for best song and album at the most recent Lehigh Valley Music Awards. Judge Bob’s production for yourself at

    • I appreciate that very much, Dave…working with you and Timewhy?s on the “Autumn of Love” CD was an awesome experience. Great songwriting and arranging makes a producer’s life even better!!

  • Three shout outs! My personal go to is Andrew Chervak, whom we have worked with extensively, and just connects on Autoerotica’s vision. Then I’d have to say Bob Giovannetti and Daniel Malsch are both cranking out some insane projects .

  • Andrew Chervak because not only is he an amazing co-host but the amount of growth and fantastic music coming out of his studio has been amazing! Bob Giovannetti for his fantastic job with AZ3 and Daniel Malsch is also killing it.

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