Do You Listen to Your Music ‘Differently?’

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Think you’re ready to release your new music to the world after hearing it played back in the studio? Not so fast…

Before you tell the masses about your latest work of art, it’s a good idea to listen to your music in different settings — in your car, on your phone, and everywhere else in between — to make sure that the finished product is truly finished.

This article from BMI’s The Weekly explains how playing your tracks back in different settings can help you ensure that your mix is well-balanced, and can even go so far as to point out whether your melodies, instruments, and lyrics are all working together. An excerpt:

The blessing and the curse of recording your finished song is that you can really dig in and scrutinize every detail. The “blessing” part is being able to hear all of the things that are coming together to make your song sound great but the “curse” is that by listening so closely, you can tend to obsess over small – and sometimes insignificant – details which prevent you from taking in the big picture. To help get a more well-rounded opinion of your song’s recording, it can be helpful to listen to it in a variety of situations.

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  • We push this to next level and each of our band’s members listen others’ music and we give feedback to each other.
    Thanks for this useful post.

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