Lizanne Knott’s ‘Anthology’ a Highly Personal Account of Life’s Different Stages

Pennsylvania native Lizanne Knott is a lifelong songwriter with plenty of life experience from which to draw. She has married twice, raised four daughters, released four albums, and has gained a sizable following in the U.K. — and that, it would seem, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lizanne’s newest release, “Anthology,” is a collection of remixed and remastered songs from throughout her career; songs that speak to different points and experiences in the singer-songwriter’s life. We caught up with Lizanne to learn more.

You’ve been writing from a young age, so let’s use that as our starting point. Who are some of the artists that inspired you in your formative years?
I spent my youth  listening to so many different artists and music genres it’s hard to convey. I grew up appreciating good music, no matter the genre, including Leonard Cohen, Billie Holiday, Emmylou Harris, King Crimson, Sonny Terry, and Brownie McGhee.

Like us, you hail from the great state of Pennsylvania. Talk about the experience of growing up in the Keystone State and the influence it has had on you.
I’ve lived a few different places in my life, so I’m not sure how much PA has influenced me. I need to be surrounded by nature, trees, to feel at home and feel “safe” and that’s always a platform for creative energy for me. There is a lot of open space in PA. As well, Philadelphia has been very friendly to me as an artist.

Your new album, “Anthology,” is a sum of all parts; a reflection on your life experience that shines through in your writing. Are there any themes that you’ve found to be prevalent on the record?
As it’s a collection of songs from different periods of my life, I don’t think it has a theme, so much as just being a reflection of what I was going through at the time.

Who worked with you on “Anthology?”
I personally work/worked with Glenn Barratt, a well-known Grammy Award winning producer and engineer, who produced the record. I had a host of amazing musicians, including Jef Lee Johnson and Joel Bryant — both have passed since we recorded together — and other great players, including famed drummer Jerry Marotta, Ross Bellenoit, and a few others. The players on these songs are some of the best session guys out there, bar none. I’m very fortunate to call them friends. Jock Wannamaker (Transoceanic Records) chose the songs for “Anthology” and took a few of them to Vance Powell in Nashville for remixing, but I did not work directly with him. Dave Schoenauer also had a hand in mixing a few tracks.

There are some highly personal moments on the record, with “Tennessee” being one that stands out. Tell us about the process of bringing that song to life.
That song was a phone conversation that I had with someone I care deeply for. It pretty much wrote itself and I think conveys the feeling, the sense of acceptance that I was headed in a different direction than the person on the other end of the line.

What are some of your other favorite moments on “Anthology?”
“Miss You” is a special song to me, as are “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Too Much Love.” All of those songs have moments that take me back to the moment and the way I was feeling when I wrote them.

Check out “Anthology” below, and be sure to visit for more.

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