Ralph’s Reviews: Jordyn Kenzie’s Self-Titled Debut EP

If you have ever heard Jordyn Kenzie sing or seen her perform then you know that, sooner or later, something special was going to come from this talented young artist. If you haven’t, well, now is your chance. Jordyn’s newly released, self-titled EP is something very special.

From start to finish, this five-song collection delivers a message about life and relationships we can all relate to in one way or another. It also delivers another very strong message: Jordyn is here to stay, with no limit to what she can do.

The moment I started listening to the first track “Yesterday Was Our Someday,” Taylor Swift came to mind. Based on her success, that can’t possibly be a bad thing. But, it’s more about sensing the influence of a popular pop star than an imitation of her music. Jordyn has a style all her own, and her soft and innocent, yet powerful voice resonates throughout. The song selection was well thought out, and every song is worth listening to multiple times.

The most difficult choice had to be which one to release first, leading up to the release of the EP. My personal favorite, “Stir the Sky,” was an excellent choice, and the video is well worth a look, as well…

Don’t stop there, because there’s so much more great music to listen to on Jordyn’s self-titled. Visit her website, follow her on social media, download her music at iTunes, and listen to it below.

This was a great start. With that said, I have a feeling that the best is yet to come.

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