How to Find the Right Venues for Your DIY Tour

We’ve all seen and known touring musicians whose music have seemed a bit out of place on the roads. In fact, many of us have been those musicians.

How do you make sure that the venues you’re playing in other cities and towns are the right fit for your sound? Soundfly, a website describing itself as “a new kind of music school for today’s musician,” has some tips to guide you on your way.

Soundfly released a list of six tips for finding your ideal venues on tour, and their advice is well-reasoned to help you avoid unproductive stops on the road. Here’s an excerpt.

Touring with your band is a great experience no matter what, but the feeling of driving for hours to a new city to perform for a new audience and then showing up at a venue that just doesn’t fit the vibe of your music can be extraordinarily deflating. At some point, your band is going to get to a place where you can adequately control that sort of stuff, but for now, on a DIY level, it’s up to you to put in the hard work of researching the right spaces for your music to make sure each stop on your tour is a success.

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