Ralph’s Reviews: Andrea Nardello’s Latest, ‘Human’

Philly area singer/songwriter Andrea Nardello has done it again, following up her 2016 release “Fire” with the equally impressive “Human” (August 2018).

Her latest release, a 4-song EP, takes a close-up, personal look at life and its ups and downs. The first single, “Honey Whiskey,” is about the loss of a loved one and the feeling of uncertainty that goes with it. The title track reminds us that we are all “Human” and need support and reassurance from those we hold dear.

About the EP, Nardello says, “Life is hard. We love. We lose. We get stuck. Loved ones die. People overcome unthinkable circumstances. For me, ‘Human’ is a collection of songs that explores vulnerable topics. Loving someone when they are broken. Striving to challenge yourself when you are stuck. The final stages of life and all that is unknown. It is truly a soundtrack of my life and the people in it. I always get nervous before releasing new music, and my only hope is that anyone who listens can connect to these songs in some special way.”

Musically, it’s everything you have come to expect if you have listened to Andrea in the past. With the support from recording artist Matt Duke and the amazingly talented cellist, Andrea Weber, this EP comes together very nicely.

If you haven’t discovered Andrea Nardello yet, ‘Human’ is the perfect opportunity. Stream it below!

And, while you’re at it, give “Fire” a real good listen, too.

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