Today, We #GoBeyond: We Are the Underground Music Collective

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Since January 2016, Lehigh Valley Underground has featured some of the best and brightest independent musicians, in our region and others. We have welcomed and reviewed submissions of all genres, covered hundreds of performances, and have built a stronger community around the art being created every day, in our own backyard.

As we continue forward, we are inspired to take what we’ve done in eastern Pennsylvania and use it as fuel to think bigger. We envision a platform that connects independent musicians with their peers in other markets, as well as with the larger music industry and its vast educational resources. This, we believe, will take everyone’s game to the next level. However, we realize that we must walk the same walk and do that ourselves.

Today, we announce the next phase of our evolution: We are now the Underground Music Collective (UMC).

This transformation means a few things. First, we will continue evolving our content, putting the emphasis on artists and songwriters of varying genres, in both major and minor markets. We believe that this will help these creators cover new ground, as they discover and connect with each other and the industry at large. In that same light, we will also continue our growing trend of sharing informative content from some of the brightest minds and most reputable organizations the music industry has to offer. This is intended to help guide you, the music professionals in our midst, to make smart business and creative decisions as you chase your dreams.

All the while, we will continue finding ways to improve and educate ourselves. The closer to the industry we are, the better resource we will become. Therefore, we announce that plans are in place to move our base content operations to Nashville, TN by early 2019.

Surely, this raises a few questions, the most common being: what happens to LVU events, like our First Friday Concert Series in South Bethlehem? As a Collective, we support and encourage art created in all locations, including our original home base that has given so much to us. You can be assured that the Lehigh Valley Underground First Friday Concert Series will still take place monthly, alongside our brilliant local partners at SouthSide Arts District under the UMC umbrella. We even know the details related to the personnel in charge, and we will be unveiling those details in the coming days.

Overall, the Underground Music Collective is rooted in the grassroots spirit of LVU, while taking a wider view of the music landscape in order to make a greater impact.

Stay tuned for additional updates over the weeks and months ahead. Thank you for your continued support. We are excited to #GoUnderground – and to #GoBeyond!

Yours in Music,

Gerard Longo
Underground Music Collective

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