Blood Blush Release Dark, Ambient “Trust” EP.

New York City’s Blood Blush have released their debut EP, “Trust,” a four-track offering of new-wave inspired post-punk with a gothic twist, coated with a generous helping of hazy, reverb-heavy ambiance.

“Trust” is primarily full of haunting tones and intense moods, although opening track “NYC Opera” offers a contrast with its complex, bright guitar progressions. Things pick up in intensity and take a darker turn from there with “Revenge” and its urgent, steadfast drumbeat, and then with “Hollow,” whose pulsing, grunge-inspired bass line underscores chilling guitar tones and a lonely vocal.

Closing track “Demon Clout,” clocking in at just under two minutes, is a short burst of tension that never relents from start to finish, ending abruptly and leaving the listener looking forward to what the band has in store next.

Track listing:
NYC Opera
Demon Clout

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