In Their Own Words: Giving Back for Autism

This Saturday, November 10, our original home in the Lehigh Valley, PA will host Beer, Wine & Swine, a fundraiser for the Love Ran Red Foundation, which provides programs and services adults with autism and developmental disabilities.

We checked in with some of the performers on this benefit — namely, Sean Liebert and Corey Costa — who will join award-winning Americana band Scott Marshall & Marshall’s Highway and others on the bill. The trio shares their thoughts on supporting the cause and what’s in store this Saturday.

How did you become involved with the Beer, Wine & Swine benefit for Love Ran Red?
I’ve been aware of the Love Ran Red Foundation for several years. It’s dedicated to helping adults with autism and developmental disabilities after their parents are no longer around to care for them. It might help put the parents mind at ease knowing this is available in our community.

Costa: I’m doing this performance for two reasons. One, Scott Marshall and I have a friendship of almost 30 years. Whenever he asks me to join him with any type of benefit or fundraiser, I’m there. I will never pass up the opportunity to share the stage with him.

Second, I’m playing for my son. He’s everything to me. He deserves the best life has to offer him, and I’ll make damn sure he (gets it).

What do you hope people take away from this benefit on Saturday?
Costa: It takes so much for a single parent or both parents to receive treatment. Granted, intervention is a wonderful thing, but not everyone has the option to get what their children need. My son is receiving everything possible to help him. My part in this is to show parents that they are not alone in their struggles. Things can be achieved. It just takes determination.

I will say this, most of the time it’s the mothers that struggle. They’re the ones doing it all pretty much.

What can we expect from your performance?
Liebert: I’ll be playing a few songs with Scott and his bandmates. I picked up the guitar for the first time a few years ago, and I appreciate the fact that Scott has given me the opportunity to play with him on several occasions. I look forward to playing at the benefit.

Eastern PA: Learn more about Saturday’s “Beer, Wine & Swine” Love Ran Red Foundation benefit at this link.

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