Tuk’s Rules Give Creators Insight on Contracts and Clauses

Entertainment lawyer, musician, creator, and entrepreneur Bryan Tuk has seen a lot across his multiple, intertwining careers, and he is determined to be a resource for those on a quest for knowledge and creativity.

With that come Tuk’s Rules, practical legal and policy commentary that can inform creators — particularly, those in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey where Tuk is licensed — as they navigate the waters of developing their content and brands.

Lately, Tuk has been focused on contracts and clauses, dedicating Episode 11 to explaining what constitutes a contractual agreement…

…while diving a bit deeper in “bonus” Episode 12, with an explanation of what makes for an enforceable confidentiality clause.

No matter where you are or what you’re creating, Tuk’s Rules can serve as a practical resource for both the aspiring and seasoned entrepreneur. Check out the full series at tuklaw.com.

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