Hey Monea’s Nothing In The Tank Tour 2019

In September, I gave you an insider’s look at Canton, Ohio’s Hey Monea. Now I’m giving you a chance to get your own look as they hit the road for their first tour of 2019. If you’re here in the east, there is ample opportunity to catch them live from New York to Florida. I wouldn’t wait too long to get your tickets, though. Great music has a way of drawing people in.

As good as they sound in the studio, brothers Dan (guitar/vocals) and Nate (drums/vocals) Monea have a tendency to take it up a notch when there is an audience. From the amazing harmonies to the incredible guitar licks, they are definitely a “must-see” band that will not disappoint. Bassist Stephen Fernandez completes the trio and you will be just as blown away by his ability to drive the bands’ signature sound.

If you didn’t take the opportunity to check them out in my September article, do yourself a favor and do it now. Then, get out and see them when they are in your area. I’ll be covering the New Hope, PA show on January 25 and bring you highlights from what I expect will be a great show. For tour dates, music and much more, visit their website at heymonea.com.

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