Ralph’s Reviews: Kara Hartzell’s Self-Titled EP

Kara Hartzell’s self-titled 4-song EP is a moving story about heartbreak and life’s sudden — and sometimes, unexpected — changes. Recognizing, accepting, and moving on from life-changing events is something we all have to face at some point in our lives. To do so can be challenging and often frightening. It takes strength and courage to fight through it and move on. It’s even harder to share that with the world but, that’s exactly what Kara does with her latest release (July 2018).

Telling her story through her music, Kara somehow manages to keep the tempo and the vibe upbeat. As you listen, you get the feeling that the EP more about getting past it and less about going through it. “On the Horizon” is all about looking ahead to better things, something so easy to say, but so difficult to do. The music embraces Kara’s soft, gentle voice, and the message I get is not about heartache as much as it is that there are brighter days ahead and you can move on. It also tells me that there will be many more bright days in her future.

To learn more about Kara and, to purchase her music, visit her website. You can also listen to the self-titled EP below.

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