Learning the Ropes: Enjoying a Balanced Breakfast

Photo credit: visitmusiccity.com.

I’ve been in Nashville for a week, and I already find myself inspired by this city. I’ve been laying low a bit, taking my time as I get to know my surroundings and the general landscape around Music City.

Even so, I’m actively seeking opportunities to learn, and I found a great one this past Friday that I plan to attend as frequently as possible: Balanced Breakfast, held in Nashville at Helping Our Music Evolve (HOME) headquarters.

Balanced Breakfast is a weekly meetup of music industry professionals — performers, songwriters, managers, content creators, bookers, label representatives, and more — who engage in conversation about how to thrive within the industry. The movement started in San Francisco and has since expanded to more than 25 cities, including Nashville, with the goal of creating community between musicians and industry professionals of all disciplines.

As a newcomer to Nashville, I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a free-flowing exchange of ideas with many of the industry pros around me. I found Friday’s conversation about “team” enlightening and insightful, and I definitely look forward to joining the group again.

I encourage you to do the same. If you’re in Nashville, here’s some info on when the group will meet next. If you’re not here, there’s a good chance there’s a chapter near you. Visit the Balanced Breakfast website to learn more.

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