Ralph’s Reviews: ‘Hold On’ for Amy Gerhartz’s Full Album

Amy Gerhartz’s forthcoming album, “Hold On,” is scheduled for release in early 2019. If it’s anything like her 2017 release, “Fire,” you’re in for a real treat.

The eclectic, Nashville-based indie pop artist has given us a look into the future with two recently released singles from the upcoming album, “Hold On.” Her latest single, “Hesitating,” is a strong follow-up to the title track; one in which Amy draws the listener in with her amazing, powerful voice to deliver a pointed, crystal clear message. The message I get here is that she may have outdone herself with “Hold On,” if that’s even possible.

Don’t stop with the two new singles. Give “Fire” a good listen, while you’re at it. This album, nominated for Best Pop Album at the Independent Music Awards, is a great and entertaining example of what Amy is capable of, with tracks like “Loving Myself,” “Dangerous Game,” and “Unavailable.” as just a few examples. You can find all of Amy’s music and get in on the presale of her new album at her website, and listen to all of released material below.

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