Ralph’s Reviews: The Ever-Prolific Flagship Romance

Flagship Romance is an alternative folk duo currently based in Truth-or-Consequences, New Mexico. Originally from Jacksonville, FL, this husband and wife team has been making beautiful music together for quite some time, releasing their debut EP, “The Fudge Sessions,” in 2013. Since, they have since released another EP and two full-length albums. Their latest, “Tales from the Self-Help Section,” was released in August of 2017.

With the excellent acoustic guitar work by Shawn Fisher and the incredible harmonies of he and his wife, Jordyn Jackson, “Tales from the Self-Help Section” tells a story of ups and downs, wins and losses, and a battle with anxiety and depression in a way no one else can. The couple released three singles throughout the course of 2017 — “Growing Up So Fast,” “Scare Yourself,” and “Nemesis.” But, to get a feel of what they are really all about, a listener should pay attention to the entire album, front to back.

As great as Flagship Romance sounds coming out of the studio, their high-energy live performances take their music to another level. Taking in one of their shows is a treat you should give yourself when the opportunity presents itself. You’ll most likely get the chance in 2019; Shawn and Jordyn typically spend 6-8 months per year on the road, and they will be hitting the road next year to promote their upcoming album, “Concentric,” and will undoubtedly appear somewhere near you, wherever you are.

To stay up to date on their tour schedule, visit flagshipromance.com. And, while you’re att it check out Jordyn’s unique handmade jewelry made from used guitar strings, at handplayedhandmade.com.

Last, but certainly not least, get a sampling of their music below.


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