New Alone’s ‘Sixteen’ A Wild, Psych-Prog Ride

Philly-based band New Alone have released their new single, “Sixteen,” an emotional, progressive jam that straddles the line between psych and grunge.

Starting off with a moody, ambient soundscape, “Sixteen” features vocalist Mike Greco singing a searching melody about a loved one too entranced by life’s temptations. The action takes an unexpected turn shortly before the 2:45 mark, with an invigorating drum fill from Matt Tomlinson, which leads to a hard rocking progression reminiscent of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

From there, “Sixteen” crescendos all the way through a blistering solo from guitarist Lee Beebe. which comes on like a sudden, violent storm before leading us back to a lonely, clean progression to bring our journey to a close.

Listen to “Sixteen” below!

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