From the Road: Getting to Know Brianna Musco

Singer-songwriter Brianna Musco is a born and raised Jersey girl. Hailing just minutes from the New York border, Musco loves exploring new places and connecting to them through music.

That’s why, as 2018 faded into 2019, she hit the road, embarking on the “Forever” tour, an eight-show jaunt throughout the eastern U.S. that included a stop in Nashville’s Betty’s Grill, where we caught up with her on December 29.

“I studied in Florence for a semester. I love exploring whichever city we’re in,” Musco noted. “Today, we parked the car, and we asked people where to go. Always trust the locals; they know the good spots.”

Musco wasn’t alone in her journey. For the past six months, she’s been performing with the backing of a full band that includes guitarist Lucas Jones, drummer Nick Zella, bassist Chris Basile, and keyboardist/backing vocalist Kory Hilpmann, who is an emerging solo artist in his own right.

“(They have) changed my outlook on live music entirely,” Musco said of her collaborators. “There are so many ideas you can have; so many different parts intertwining with each other, as opposed to just me on guitar. It’s a lot more fun.”

“They are lovely human beings. I somehow convinced them to take off from their jobs this week and come on the road with me.”

The band adds a presence of rock to Musco’s sound, which will surely show itself on her upcoming “Forever” EP. The EP, a pop rock volume drawing heavy inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, will include updated versions of the songs included on the singer’s demo, released earlier in 2018.

“The demo wound up having some finger picking in there that portrayed what I had been studying in my college years,” Musco pointed out. “What I wanted people to take away from that is that there are a lot of great female singer-songwriters strumming the guitar. I wanted to pinpoint my little niche in the world with that finger style.”

Certainly, the finished EP will be a step up in the production department, with thoughtful songwriting and polished studio work being the goals.

“(I want) well-thought out melody lines and to make sure everything in the song is there for a purpose,” Musco stated. “Every second they’re listening to it, they’re saying, ‘Wow, that’s awesome. They came up with something really cool there.’”

Those moments translate well to the band’s live shows, which feature tight, upbeat rhythms and a potent onstage chemistry to make for a fun and energetic atmosphere. The band will bring the show home to Pearl River, NY this Saturday, when they’ll perform at Defiant Brewing Company beginning at 9 p.m. ET.

Then, a jam-packed 2019 will continue. Musco speculates that the New Year will take her and the band to new heights.

“We’re going to have our EP out and have two tours under our belt. We’re going to be booking our summer tour. We’re planning on doing every state in the U.S., and we have some good friends in the U.K., so we’re going to be having some fun over there,” Musco anticipated.

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