Oceans Over Airplanes Adds ‘Colour’ to the Palette and more

When diving into Oceans Over Airplanes, I started out simply wanting to review their latest single, “Colour.”  Released in late 2018, “Colour” showcases OOA’s brand of emo/alternative rock in a way that begs you to listen to more. Driven by an outstanding drummer in Joseph Bickham, this Northwest Indiana band delivers a great blend of powerful vocals from bassist Tony Pagorek and a very solid sound from guitarist Mike Anderson.

Once I listened to “Colour,” I knew I wanted to hear more. So, I dug into their 2017 release, “Traditions.” This four-song EP did not disappoint, providing a good look at OOA, with the title track and lone single as a standout that deserves every bit of attention you give it.

To learn more about the band and their story, visit them online and listen to their music below.

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