Don’t Quit Your Day Job: It May Help Your Music Career

Throughout the course of my own independent music endeavors — from The Quinn Spinn, through Lehigh Valley Underground, right to the present day with UMC — life has been a balancing act. And, if I’m being honest, there have been times where it has made me feel like varying aspects of my professional life were at war with one another.

If you’ve felt the same way — or, even if you feel the same way right now — then it’s very important that you read the article linked below.

CD Baby’s DIY Musician blog released this great piece about balancing your “day job” with your musical passions, in situations when those things are not one and the same.

Author Matthew Mayer — who is an HR professional by day, and a chart-topping musician by night — takes us through five myths that musicians and industry folks believe that often hold them back from having the best of both worlds.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you know the struggle all too well. So, pop on over and see what Matthew has to say.


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