Marc Ambrosia’s New Video Shows You the ‘World’

Some months ago, we provided a listen to “World With You,” a fun and adventurous pop single from New Jersey’s Marc Ambrosia.

Now, the single has a visual accompaniment in the form of a new music video. Starring Ambrosia alongside actress Mae Claire, the pair takes all kinds of fun and romantic journeys through a variety of locations and activities.

“What we tried to do is create a contrast between the idea of world exploration and the adventure of love. As I sing about yachts and visiting England, you see us instead rowing in a canoe and enjoying tea in the park,” Ambrosia said. “The true meaning is that maybe you won’t take an exotic vacation to some dreambound destination, but no matter where you are in the world, it’s only as beautiful as the person you’re with and the love you both share.”

Check out the video, an Obie Media production, below!


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