Coming Soon: The Mad Sugars Return with ‘We Want the Night’

Like us, The Mad Sugars re-located from the northeast to Nashville. Also like us, the formerly NYC-based dance rock outfit, led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Lawrence, has found new inspiration in Music City.

That inspiration comes through on “We Want the Night,” The Mad Sugars’ return single, set for official release on February 1. Perhaps the band’s strongest outing yet, “We Want the Night” stays on topic with the band’s previous material, talking about the follies of nightlife over a healthy serving of hand claps and gang vocals. The high-energy single masterfully blends alternative rock and funk sensibilities, with Lawrence — who provided lead vocals and most of the instrumentation himself — leading the charge.

The Mad Sugars teamed with Sync Songwriting to give you a sneak preview of “We Want the Night.” Check it out below, and stay tuned to the band’s socials for updates on the official release.


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