You Want Excitement? Then You Must Want #UMC20!

We have so much fun cobbling together our weekly UMC20 Spotify playlist from submissions received via email and social media, tunes we’ve recently reviewed, and artists who simply stick out in our hearts and minds.

This one is particularly diverse, and we’re proud of that fact. This week’s UMC20 is populated by varying shades of rock, pop, and hip hop, with a couple selections that are particularly genre-busting.

We’ll let you determine which ones we’re talking about for yourself! After all, art is open to interpretation. So, get right to discovering 20 new tunes below, and make sure to follow UMC20 on Spotify for a fresh batch every week!

Track listing
House of Now– You Will
Pinebreaker – Gravel Jaw
Rofo Audio – In the In Between
Water District – Dream With Your Eyes Open
Sound of a Smirk – State Speed Limit
Planet Mercury – Burn
Meat Jelly – Dorchester Neck
The Everafter – Perspectives
Bernie and the Wolf – This Time Last Year
Go Outside – Waltz #2
Micah Butler – Waves
Taylor Shae – As I Please
Brian Dunne – New Tattoo
NyteXing ft. Mega Ran – Miss Me
Ayoinmotion – Spiritual Contraption
Savan DePaul – Cilia Funk
Whole Milk – I Don’t Miss You
Ceramic Animal – Dreams Via Memories
Tioga – Don’t Ask Me to Dance
Austin Colon – The Path Ahead


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