Come Along and ‘Shake’ with The Slow Drag

The Slow Drag, the “American Rock ‘n Roll” project of Nashville-based musician Austin James, is off to a fast start in 2019, releasing two versions of the fun and spirited new single, “Shake.”

Let’s start with the electric version, whose toe-tapping rhythms and carefree overtones are made complete by an undeniably catchy chorus. Listeners will have an easy time giving into the urge to get up and dance when “Shake” comes on, and the trade-off between the track’s lead vocals and backing harmonies will have them singing along with their friends just the same.

From there, we move to the more recent, acoustic version of “Shake,” which exposes the subtle intricacies of the song’s structure. The tone of this version is much more pensive than its predecessor. If the two releases share a narrative, the acoustic rendition serves as a mellow, reflective reprise — perhaps, with a hint of longing — after the wild party depicted in its electric cousin.

If you’re looking for more, The Slow Drag’s official website has plenty more, including additional content (The Slow Drag Has a Podcast, Too) and information on how you can support the project via Patreon. Head over there now.

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