Marc Ambrosia Feels Love’s Confusion on New Single

Having followed Marc Ambrosia for a few years now, we’ve learned that he’s a singer capable of conveying a variety of moods and emotions. He can deliver the whimsical, carefree love song one minute, and switch things up with something much darker and more brooding the next.

Stylistically, he’s shown versatility, evolving from alternative rock to a more ambient style of pop. That’s where we get into Marc’s new single, “Painting the Shape of My Heart,” perhaps his most ambitious offering to date.

On “Painting the Shape of My Heart,” Marc battles with the intense emotions brought on by a new and mysterious infatuation. This conflict is brought forth brilliantly in the song’s very structure; dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes in the verses add a tension to suggest that our protagonist may feel as though he’s falling in love a bit too fast for comfort.

Each verse, however, soars upward into a bright chorus that strips away the ambiance. Driven forward by a commanding drum beat, guitar, and keys, the refrain hearkens back to Ambrosia’s rock roots, while suggesting a careful optimism that love will prevail.

The most powerful moment is reserved for the bridge, where all of the singer’s influences build into one as Ambrosia commits to diving head first into love.

Check out “Painting the Shape of My Heart” below via Spotify!


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