Brandon Bors Finds Himself on ‘Leave Me the Way You Found Me’

Just before 2018 drew to a close, the world was treated to “Leave Me the Way You Found Me,” the six-track, acoustic-alternative EP from Pennsylvania native Brandon Bors.

“Leave Me the Way You Found Me” has moments that will surely tug at the heartstrings. Opening track “Limerence” features heartbreaking lyrics and vocals packed with emotional anguish, as big-time harmonies and crisp production kick things off to a strong start. Where “Limerence” breaks your heart, however, “Overdue” will repair it. The bright, romantic duet with fellow singer-songwriter Sara Winston is a timeless love song; one that conjures the image of a lovers’ nighttime stroll downtown on a summer’s eve.

Intricate picking leads into a crescendoing drumroll on the swaggering, radio-ready “When I Was Born,” a thoughtful tune about family and growing up, while touching on the strange consistencies and repeat lessons we encounter throughout life. Things shift dynamically once again before we close things out with “Tiny Parts.” Perhaps the EP’s most tender and vulnerable moment, the closing track strips away everything but Bors’ voice and guitar, as the singer resolves to set out in search of something new.

Track listing:
When I Was Born
Tiny Parts

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