Fall in Love with #UMC20

This Valentine’s Week gives you plenty of new music to love, courtesy of our UMC20 Spotify playlist!

You’ll notice some familiar tunes on here — including some we’ve reviewed on the site over the past week. You’ll also notice variety — soul, rock, hip hop, pop, and all kinds of fun, genre-bending stuff. There are songs that were submitted to us, as well as some we uncovered in our travels. A couple are just included because, well… we felt like it.

This may not be the list of slow jams you’re seeking for your Valentine’s Day activities, but we promise it’s pretty cool anyway. Enjoy it below, and don’t forget to head on over to Spotify and follow the magic every week!

Track listing
Shannon Sanders ft. Nashville Urban Choir – Fight On
Awake At Last – Dead Generation
The Cotones – The Party’s Over
Roi and the Secret People – Little Bit Closer
American Fever – Julia
Hux & the Hitmen – Go Figure
Smoke From All The Friction – Cross & Tattoo
Wanderraven – Dishonest
Yeah That’s It – Just a Dream
Ansonia – Weighing Me Down
Siv Disa – Where I Live Now
The Cabin Project – Decenter
The Wayside Shakeup – Hometown Burndown
C.J. Dunleavy – The Chase
Darin Jellison – Impostor (Acoustic)
The Empty Room – She Wasn’t Enough
Emily Noel – I Miss You
Ron Killings ft. Mannish Mania – That’z Endurance
NyteXing – Red Hood
Savan DePaul – .Quaint.


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