LISTEN: Ceramic Animal’s Expansive ‘All My Loving’

Ready for an epic slice of neo-psychedelia?

Ceramic Animal, Philadelphia-area natives and everyone’s favorite Nasty Boys, are back with “All My Loving,” a wild, near-10 minute stream-of-consciousness that stretches the band’s musical boundaries and shows, perhaps, what they are truly capable of creating.

“All My Loving” is the first release from the band following the addition of guitarist Anthony Marchione. The new single brings a variety of ideas to the table, with dance rock and disco grooves driving the verses forward before taking a hard left turn into a slowed-down, bluesy refrain that calls to mind The Black Keys or The Arctic Monkeys.

This becomes an especially fun trip shortly before the 4-minute mark, when we head into an expertly-crafted extended jam full of rich, ambient layers. Perhaps even more enthralling is the shift from the final chorus and its apparent outro which, shortly after the 8-minute mark, shifts us unexpectedly into hyperspace for the rest of the song’s duration.

There’s a lot to take in here, and we think you’ll be glad you did. Check it out on Spotify below!


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