#UMC20: February 18, 2019

We’re particularly excited about this week’s UMC20 Spotify playlist, because of how well it flows together, even with so many genres represented.

We start with a healthy dose of country, courtesy of artists we saw perform at Whiskey Jam in Nashville this past Monday. That segues quite nicely into a handful of artists we’ve known since the early days of The Quinn Spinn, in honor of Friday’s announcement that the show will return in its newest incarnation on Monday, March 4.

There are a few artists represented from back home whose music we recently reviewed, followed by solid blocks of indie pop, rock, and R&B. All in all — and, as always — you’ll find something you love here. We guarantee it!

Stream the latest below, and be sure to head over to Spotify to follow the magic and get a different slate of 20 fresh jams, every single week.

Track listing
Lauren Davidson – I’ll Drink to That
Riley Green – Georgia Time
Read Southall Band – Why
Leah Turner – Sleep You Off
Spinn – Bless His Heart
REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become
Foxtrot & the Get Down – Down & Out
Roi and the Secret People – Arizona
Alex Mery & The Townsmen – Promised Land
Ceramic Animal – All My Loving
The Summercamp – Pull
Smoke From All The Friction – Tainted Love
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Isabella
Lauren Marsh – On the Count of Three
GILT – On Life and Living
These Fine Gentlemen – Mother Mother
Phantom Killer – Dream Girl
Reece Mills – Tip Her
Sam Least – Postmaster
Jutaun – Go Slow (Live Session)


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