Tell UMC: What’s the Most Valuable Lesson You’ve Learned?

One of the most beautiful — and at times, frustrating — things about being a creative entrepreneur is the opportunity we have to learn on the job. So much of this comes from often being required to step into uncharted territory, and having to handle tasks that we otherwise, in our wildest dreams, wouldn’t have entertained (taxes, anyone?).

Surely, there are mistakes that we make along the way, and lessons we learn about how to brand ourselves, stay balanced, run the “business” part of what we’re doing, and how all of that ties into being able to put our best creative works into the world.

Surely, a lot of these lessons are learned the hard way — by our lonesome, after a miscue. Other times, many of us are fortunate enough to have mentors who take the time to teach us the valuable insight they’ve gained in their own journeys, in order to inform ours.

Either way, we can use these lessons to help ourselves and each other. So, let’s do that! Take a little space in the comments and let us know the most valuable lesson you’ve learned — about art, business, life, or all of the above — along your creative journey.

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