Eyeball’s ‘Crawling Creatures’ Will Give You the Creeps

Ready to be creeped out? Then, now is a good time to meet North Carolina-based psych rockers, Eyeball.

The space rockers just released their brand-new, stand-alone digital single, “Crawling Creatures.” Featuring horror-inducing atmospheric synths, gritty bass tones, and a vocal that, at one point, breaks from its hypnotic refrain to deliver a haunting spoken word edict, this one will inspire listeners to sleep with one eye open, and never look at a seemingly-insignificant insect the same way again.

“The song began with the realization that insects outnumber the human race by the billions. The planet really belongs to them,” says founding member Trey McLamb. “I took that idea and added a Lovecraftian direction to the lyrics, and it fit the creepy mood of the music perfectly. The song practically wrote itself after that.”

Eyeball is working on a full-length release, but released “Crawling Creatures” to stand alone with its own unique vibe. Check it out via Spotify below!

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