UMC20 Comes into March Like a Lion

We head steadfast into March where, surely, we’re all hoping for spring to arrive and stick around, sooner rather than later.

Well, we can’t do anything about that. What we can do, though, is make this (hopefully) last polar vortex more bearable with fresh jams.

Many of these are inspired by the return of our official podcast, The Quinn Spinn. These include the opening and closing selections, as well as some tracks from Nashville-based artists who we’ve encountered or seen lurking around our creative HOME in recent weeks. There’s a healthy dose of tunes we’ve reviewed, as well as new releases we’ve heard about, and some submissions that recently came into our purview.

Either way, there’s much to get you through this last gasp of winter and onto brighter, warmer days. So, let’s get after it!

Track listing
REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become
Wanderraven – Dishonest
Bryce Green – Berries
Leah Nobel – Truly Known
Luca Di Fabio – I’ll Call When I’m Fine
Tuesday X – Pop Music
Moonroof – Honey Honey
William H. Travis – Aloha
Neil Grover – Give It to Me Straight
Darin Jellison – Not There Yet
Guy Paul Thibault – Anymore
Rofo Audio – Right Through Me
The Millennials – Sarajevo
Jakals – It’s All The Same
Eyeball – Crawling Creatures
Jay Parade – Sirens
Estina. & The Black Sheep. – Treacherous Love.
Bantug – Find Yourself
Sofia Caterina – Velvet
The Mad Sugars – We Want the Night

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