Stephanie Owens Offers Polished Country Pop on Self-Titled EP

Nashville-based singer Stephanie Owens is a woman of faith with powerful country pipes and an affinity for the big hook. That much is apparent on her self-titled five-song EP.

The EP, exquisitely produced at Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios, combines country wholesomeness and pop polish with a contemporary Christian message, with perhaps the best example of this being the triumphant opening track, “Heart Taker.” Owens’ faith similarly shows up on “Rest,” a sweetly-sung ballad about putting one’s mounting worries into the hands of a higher power.

The vulnerability of “Rest” makes its presence felt elsewhere. “Little Girl in the Mirror” is an ode to Owens’ younger self, as she attempts to reconnect with her inner child in spite of the pressures and expectations brought forth by society. Later, closing track “Box of Letters” encapsulates the lonely feeling of missing a loved one, but also offers a glimpse of hopeful anticipation toward a reunion.

Track listing
Heart Taker
Little Girl in the Mirror
Behind the Wheel
Box of Letters


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