UMC20: March 11, 2019

We found ourselves out and about quite a bit this week, learning about new artists and the vast, versatile talents they possess.

We saw new friends on Thursday, and then old friends from Philly on Saturday (Foxtrot & the Get Down, to be precise) here in Music City. Meanwhile, The Balcony Show pitched in with a daily Play of the Day, and you’ll find those here, as well.

In addition, you’ll find some other artists we’ve come across here, as well as some back home who won and/or were performed at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards last Sunday night.

No matter what you’re into, the end result is something you’re sure to love. Listen to the latest below, and head here to follow the magic every week.

Track listing
Moonroof – Be Somebody
The Slow Drag – God Roots for My Team
Kara Frazier – Deliver Me
Nicole Boggs & the Reel – Just Another Weekend
Stephanie Owens – Little Girl in the Mirror
Del Schueler – Scars on My Heart
Jordyn Kenzie – Yesterday Was Our Sunday
Evan Cline – Only Hope
Kenna – Haunt’d
HUSH, Nate Rose, and Ollie Joseph – Running
Chris Jasper – Show Somebody Love
Bruce “Mississippi” Johnson – No Good
The Greg Kihn Band – Big Pink Flamingos
Raised By Wolves – Come Alive
Dissension Rising – Heaven Knows She’s Tried
Verity White – I Don’t Care
Foxtrot & the Get Down – Down & Out
Billy Bauer Band – So I Love
Acoustic Kitty Project – Company Store
Roi and the Secret People – Monday

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