On ‘I Won’t Be Around,’ The White Wolves Prove Their Staying Power

Nashville-based artists Todd Burman and Chuck Feltner came together in music through the similar, tumultuous life paths they share. By way of their collaborative project The White Wolves, the pair has used its experiences to add a versatile voice to the ever-changing modern music landscape.

Both accomplished songwriters in their own rights, Burman and Feltner share principal songwriting duties as part of the project, remaining the constant co-Alphas in their growing wolfpack. Once an idea is conceived, these Wolves go out on the hunt, recruiting from a pool of Music City’s most notable talents to uniquely and organically shape each new composition.

With that in mind, it won’t take long into your first listen to realize that the duo and their chosen collaborators have brought their best to “I Won’t Be Around,” the third single they’ve released as The White Wolves.

“I Won’t Be Around” seamlessly blends classic and contemporary influences across genres, including R&B, jazz, soul, blues, and pop. The single required a voice uniquely suited to work across them all, and the collaborators hit the bullseye by featuring the silky-smooth vocal of Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ryan Steele, whose warm tone expressively and convincingly delivers the song’s message of closing the door on a previous relationship.

This notion hit close to home for the songwriters, who teamed with GRAMMY-winning songwriter and producer Joe West to shape the single’s vision. West – whose illustrious list of credits includes artists like Keith Urban, Justin Timberlake, Shakira, and many others – helped the duo define “I Won’t Be Around” in the context of their own respective relationship woes. This approach encouraged the pair’s raw emotion to permeate the track, making for an authentic result, complete with tasteful layers and a cool, swaggering groove for good measure.

Stream “I Won’t Be Around” below, and learn more about The White Wolves online.

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