Ralph’s Reviews: Julia Mark Tells Her Story on ‘Gemini’

Photo credit: Roger Metcalf

One of the more enjoyable things about reviewing music for UMC is discovering, listening to and, on occasion, meeting artists from many different walks of life. Everyone has a story to tell, and I’m intrigued by the stories told by Boston-based singer-songwriter Julia Mark on her latest release, “Gemini.”

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Julia at the legendary Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem, PA, which inspired me to dig deeper into her art. I’m glad I did; “Gemini” is a wonderful collection of stories, centered on her exceptional skill on the piano, and featuring a voice that is soft and gentle on the ears. This is a truly masterful work of art.

Julia doesn’t stick strictly to piano on the album, showing her ukulele prowess on “Lending Library.” Another track, “The Stranger Is You,” tells the story of moving out and moving on from a home and was recorded on Wurlitzer, which Julia described as a “super fun” process. Strings add a very nice touch on “Static Electricity” and, in general, the album’s harmonies are perfectly placed and serve to add to the appeal.

In digging deeper, I was digging for gold. I think I found it with “Gemini.”

You can learn more about Julia by visiting her online. To listen to Gemini, simply look out below.

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  • You never have to wonder with Julia. Her lyrics are reflective of life and magically paired with her music.

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