Quick Tip: Let ‘Em Take Action!

Imagine this scenario: You’ve spent time creating a thoughtful, engaging, and perhaps even humorous social media post about a new release. You have a graphic at the ready, and you’re ready for your fans to check out the new single, EP, or full-length that you’ve spent months perfecting.

You hit “Publish,” all while failing to realize…

You didn’t actually include a way for them to hear the tunes!

Suddenly, your efforts behind the unveiling of your latest masterpiece have no method for your followers to appreciate it. Sure, they could go out, searching on their own in the wilderness of streaming apps, hoping that they stumble across your music. However, not all listeners will even take that step. As a result, fewer ears are sure to hear what you’ve worked so hard to create.

There’s an extremely simple fix for this, missed all too frequently, to prevent your fans from missing out. That is, when you create content telling your fans to take an action, give them the means to do it! In the case of this example, include a link to the streaming site of your choice or, if guiding your fan base to purchase your work or donate to your cause is more your flavor, direct them there. Whatever you do, make sure you give your fans the opportunity to take the action you want them to take on social, the web, email, and anywhere else.

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