The Stonewall Vessels Return on ‘Eastern Milk’

Here at UMC, we’ve followed Lancaster, PA’s The Stonewall Vessels for a minute. We’ve seen their enthralling live performances and have enjoyed their eclectic, powerful releases since stumbling across them at the 2017 LAUNCH Music Conference.

Now, the guys have traveled Through the Weird and Wild, and have landed in 2019 with one of their most intriguing efforts yet; the new single, “Eastern Milk.”

“Eastern Milk” starts with the sweet, emotion-rich falsetto of vocalist Darrion Washington, who lends his robust abilities to a single that stands out as one of the band’s more tender moments. The band — which includes guitarists Josh McNamee and Luke Krizner, bassist Jake Salinger, and drummer Ian Cornele — combines its forces for perhaps their most intricate performance to date. Warm, beachy guitar tones reverberate over slow-swaying rhythms that possess a proper hint of jazz sensibility in their ability to progress seamlessly through various grooves. This creates an unpredictable, yet cohesive six-and-a-half-minute ride that will keep listeners engaged throughout, and which builds to an emphatic climax complete with heavy-hitting vocal harmonies.

Listen to “Eastern Milk” via Spotify below!

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