UMC20: The Best of March 2019

We’ve come to the final Monday of March, which means it’s time for the freshest jams of the month that was.

These are the songs that you engaged with the most throughout the month. So, we want to give them a little bit of extra love before we spring even further ahead into April, with a brand-new batch of songs next Monday to start your month.

Track listing
The Slow Drag – God Roots for My Team
The White Wolves – I Won’t Be Around
Moonroof – Honey Honey
Kara Frazier – Deliver Me
Stephanie Owens – Little Girl in the Mirror
Lauren Davidson – Pouring Rain
Billy Bauer Band – So I Love
Stereo Jo – The Sun
Mosey Beat – Exist
Sofia Caterina – Velvet
Tuesday X – Pop Music
Evan Cline – Into You
Neil Grover – Give It to Me Straight
Austin Colon – The Path Ahead
William H. Travis – Aloha
Julia Mark – Secret Plans
Darin Jellison – Not There Yet
Dissension Rising – Heaven Knows She’s Tried
MindMaze – Slave to the Cycle
The Mad Sugars – We Want the Night

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