Stephanie Ryann’s Self-Titled EP Offers Many Shades of Heartbreak

The best country music paints the picture of salt-of-the-earth, everyday people going through everyday events. These are the people working for a living, enjoying life’s simple pleasures and, yes, even enduring heartbreak from time to time.

In the case of New York-based Stephanie Ryann, her self-titled EP nails it. The five-track offering is the quintessential blend of country’s vintage sonic and storytelling traditions, brought forth by a modern artist.

We kick things off with “Ride With Me,” which helps the EP get off to a strong start with its low, twangy guitars and sense of adventure.

From there, the story arc turns to heartbreak, taking listeners through different phases of the relationship mourning process for the remainder of the record. “Good as Gone” is a moody, mid-tempo tune sung by a woman scorned, as Stephanie’s punchy delivery suggests that she has hung on by a thread in this relationship for far too long. The bluesy “Whiskey Regret” comes next, offering a tale of poor decisions over the support of gritty guitar work and exciting touches of harmonica.

After that kind of night on the town, one might expect a hangover — or, in this case, a perfectly-timed ballad. That’s where “Runaway” comes in, bringing us to the sobering reality of a love that has run its course, with Stephanie’s tender vocal lending a potent vulnerability to the track.

After all of that, we find closure. “You Don’t Know Me” provides us that sense of acceptance to round out the record, as we hear the story of a woman ready to move onto brighter days from her previous relationship travails.

This was a fun record to dig into, and the sense of optimism provided by the closing track already has us excited for what Stephanie Ryann has coming next. For now, treat yourself to a listen via Spotify below!

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