UMC20: April 8, 2019

We’ve been out and about a lot over the past couple weeks. And, some of the artists you’ve heard here before have new releases.

With that, this week’s UMC20 Spotify playlist fills out quite nicely.

We have some of those new releases in here which, if we haven’t already, we plan to review shortly. Also, we chose to spotlight some of the folks we’ve seen and heard out on the town here, many of whom were welcome new discoveries.

Get right to it via Spotify below. Or, go the long way, and follow the playlist when you get there.

Track listing
Lost Stars – Once In a Lifetime
Raven Kai – Karma
Cubbage – Get Through This
The Slow Drag – Assassin
Foxtrot & the Get Down – Too Little, Too Late
Raquel de Souza – King of the Jungle
Nora Collins – Backseat Falling
Liv Charette – Boy Crazy
Stephanie Ryann – Ride with Me
Ava Paige – Prettier Poison
Acoustic Kitty Project – Company Store
Dustin Thomas – Never Lookin’ Back
Josh Mack – Radiate
Nate DiRuzza – Spell-Cast Minds
Alex Mery & the Townsmen – Folklore
Anna Rose – Nobody Knows I’m Here
Raquel Telfer – Where Fallen Angels Fly
Reverie Rosie – Game of the Wicked
The Waymores – Bring You Down
Another Day Dawns – Psycho


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