Evening Darling Offers a New Sound on ‘Invitations’

A deviation from the norm is the hallmark of “Invitations,” the latest single from New York-based Evening Darling.

The band, best known for its work in the Americana realm, has traded in its folk sensibilities for something darker and more ambient on “Invitations,” relying on a steady bass groove from Brett Saxon, David Letchinger’s spacy synths, and sparse, memorable guitar riffs from the tandem of Nick Lerangis and Rusty Williams. These elements combine to call the more mystical side of Fleetwood Mac to mind, while singer Erica Lane adds a sweet and vulnerable vocal about a new fascination.

“Everyone can relate to an obsession of some kind,” Lane noted. “Sometimes those obsessions blind you and make it feel as though you’re a victim, but it’s your own desire that’s hurting you.”

Stream “Invitations” below, and check out some photos from their recent performance at Coney Island Baby here.

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