UMC20: April 15, 2019

Man, oh man… are we excited about this week’s UMC20 Spotify playlist.

Between all of us who fancy ourselves UMC contributors, we’ve been out and about making discoveries. Through Plays of the Day, festivals, reviews, and just seeking out new tunes, we’re excited to share them all with you in one place.

This is one of our more diverse playlists, with plenty of genre-bending tunes and versatile artists from home and abroad. Head down below the track listing to dig in!

Track listing
Cris Jacobs – Painted Roads
Brian Dean Moore Band – Hell’s Coming With Me
Dogwood Tales – Living in a Shadow
Wilson Harwood – Rooted in You
Roanoke – Jordan
Mack Meadows – Going Under Over You
The White Wolves – I Won’t Be Around
Kara Frazier – Mother
Evening Darling – Invitations
Rofo Audio – Beside
Foggy City Orphan – Vitamins
The Veer Union – Save Yourself
Charming Liars – Insomnia
Nate Rose – Da Dum
Rod McCoy ft. Bryzone_ybp – Yea, Thou I Walk
MC Flavour, Cee-Rock “The Fury,” Damon – Wordz on a Rampage
NyteXing & Johnny Five – Back in the Day
Sofia Caterina – Walk Away
Carver Commodore – Stranger Things
Claire Kelly – This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)


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