LISTEN: Nate Rose Releases Self-Made Project, ‘The Nefarious Few’

Nate Rose’s hotly-anticipated project “The Nefarious Few” dropped this past Friday. With it, the self-made hip hop artist is making a statement that he can go toe-to-toe with the game’s giants – all by himself.

The Nashville native handled all performance, production, and artistic duties on the project, realizing a creative vision that features compelling tracks about life, love, and the world we share. Tracks like “Da Dum” provide new listeners with a strong introduction to Rose, who comes out of the gates flowing with bravado over a hard-hitting beat. This self-assuredness can also be found later on “Phew,” which features a swaggering Rose at his most confident.

There’s plenty of relationship content on “The Nefarious Few.” The vibey “Leather Seats” walks a fine line between conflicting emotions, which seem to cross over and explode shortly after the 2:20 mark when big-time synths burst in to add extra strength to Rose’s impassioned delivery. Meanwhile, the sobering “Pills & Codeine” uses the gripping metaphor of substance abuse to illustrate a love spiraling out of control at a dangerous pace.

A fan favorite, “Blame Yaself” is perhaps the most thoughtful track on “The Nefarious Few,” as Rose encourages us all to stop pointing fingers and own up to our shortcomings. True to the song’s message, Rose goes a step further with an introspective verse, which provides an authentic look at some of his own faults.

Track listing
The Nefarious Few (Intro)
Da Dum
Bad Moves
Blame Yaself
Leather Seats
Pills & Codeine
Femme Fatale

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