The Crowning: Live at City View Sound

Hailing from Stroudsburg, PA, The Crowning was formed in the summer of 2017 by Micah Martin, Ty Nordstrom, and Walter Lee. Having met just a month prior, they quickly realized they had something unique and immediately headed into the studio.

Their music can best be described as melodic hard rock, with clear punk, grunge, and funk influences that span across generations, from the heyday of classic rock to modern, progressive acts.

In this episode of Live at City View Sound, The Crowning talks about their writing style and inspirations before performing a striking version of their song, “Fall Apart.”

Live at City View Sound connects the face to the voice, the emotion to the artist, and the recordings to a raw performance. This series features artists of all genres, with each episode consisting of a 3-4 minute interview and an acoustic performance. Every artist has a craft and his or her own unique sound. Live at City View Sound strives to showcase these artists in their own element.

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