Ralph Pagano Sings an Ode to ‘This Guitar’

In addition to being a music reviewer extraordinaire (you should check out “Ralph’s Reviews” here on UMC, when you get a chance), Ralph Pagano is a well-traveled rock and orll musician.

In fact, Ralph just released a new single that serves as an ode to “the best friend (he’s) ever known” — his guitar!

“This Guitar” highlights the special relationship that Ralph and every musician has with his or her favorite instrument — the one that goes along for the ride, and is a part of countless miles and memories.

For its name, “This Guitar” features a healthy dose of tasteful lead work, crafted carefully in the vein of classic and glam rock. Every note is packed with emotion to express Ralph’s appreciation for his trusty axe. Meanwhile, Ralph’s lyrics — sung in his gravely baritone — tell the story of best friends on a lifelong journey through thick and thin.

Stream “This Guitar” below on Spotify!


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